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Paxton Security Profile

Why PAXTON SECURITY PVT. LTD. Guarding Personnel Project P inactively Professionalized Security Services with PASSION?

Our guards have gone through a Scientific Selection Process and are trained for the tasks they are expected to perform. These guards are tested for their altitudes, aptitudes and suitability for the job. They are put through an extensive training schedule for 7 days and 03 days OJT. To transform them into highly skilled and proficient individuals suitable to perform their functions in the challenging environment

Create customized security plan / site Instruction 15 days prior to deployment as per the customer need to provide total Security Services.

We create, develop and maintain "Passion" in our guarding personnel, lo out-think and perform themselves in every role, everyday by providing main and basic need of fulfilling all statutory requirements like ESI, Pf & contract labor license etc

We provide Suitable, Dedicated, Handpicked and on job trained Relievers for all our Sites. Our teams compete and arc monitored regularly for reducing res|M>nse time in positioning these relievers at short notice.

We build "High Level of Attitude" of our guarding personnel by streaming the main focus of our management leain, in providing all necessities to our guarding personnel at their door step. To helps them to have ability lo deal with personnel, loam and customer adversities in a powerful manner.

We ensure "Boosting of Motivation Level" of guarding personnel by proactivcly creating professionalized development plan with the dedicated support of quality control management learn, to enhance the effectiveness.

We committed to maintain "Excellent Cordial Relationship" with our guarding personnel by frequent visit of Senior Management and by conducting the counseling sessions at the site where they are deployed. Il is to generate greater amount of trust, openness, understanding and integrity in their relationship with our management and customers

We make our guarding personnel always "Smile Through Heart" mainly by extending help and support for their children education as scholarship and keeping their & their family welfare under consideration at the lime of speed and crises. It helps them lo demonstrate higher levels of optimism, energy and result orientation.

Our Services

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  • Arrow Corporate Security
  • Arrow Events Security
  • Arrow Cash in Transit Vans
  • Arrow Electronic Security Systems
  • Arrow Armed Guards

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