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Day and Night Monitoring Procedure & Control Mechanisms

We have effective and fool proof systems of monitoring our security personnel deployed at various places for their alertness, discipline and so on.

procedure followed is as under:

Day Supervision

Visit by Supervisor and Manager Operation:

The responsible Officer / Supervisor will visit each location daily. The officer concerned will sign in the Daily Muster book and unit visit register kept at the location. This register will be put up to the client once or twice in a week for perusal. The concerned officer also ?lls up the visit report. Manager Operations will visit the site twice a week.

Visit by Branch Head & Sr. Manager Operations:

In addition to routine checks by Sr. Manager Operations and Branch Head visits the units at least once a week and meet the client to resolve the issues if any for futher improvement in the security services.

Feedback by Regional Head-Operations, The Regional Head-Sales:

The Regional Head Operations and Regional Head Sales remain in regular touch with the client and keep taking feedback on security related services. They will be visiting the clients site once in a month to get the feedback and the feedback on quality of services provided will further helps in improving the services if found lacking.

Night Check

The Night Patroller checks each location daily at a varied time schedule to maintain the surprise element. To create fear in the mind of the security guards deployed at night the check is carried out even thrice at various occasions.

The Night Patroller fills up the Night Check slip and leaves behind at the location, which is put up next day to the client for perusal.

Control Mechanism

A 24 hours control room number is functional to control all activities of day and night operation. At night one duty officer is available at the Control Room to handle any emergent situation.

All Field supervisors and night patroller are provided with mobile phone to be in touch with the Control Room.

The Security posts are provided with the residential telephone / mobile numbers of the managers, office staff to contact at any time in case of any emergency situation.

Units visit reports and night check reports are daily checked by the Branch Head and suitable actions are taken to eradicate the shortcoming.

Post Wise Instructions:

Instructions for the various duties to be performed at different post will be given in writing and a copy of it shall be laid out on the respective post. All security personnel will be familiarized with the site before mounting.

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